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“Values are the reasons we give for what we do, for how we live our lives.” – William Sullivan

Values without action are of little use to humanity just as action without values leads to undesirable results. We believe that eternal and universal values must go hand in hand with actionable and demonstrable core values in order to achieve the community’s philanthropic ends.

As members of AIKF, we are committed to the following 3 core actionable values:  

  • Involving people
  • Applying Knowledge
  • Making things happen

Involving people: Success and prosperity for all members in the community comes by involving people, and by making them think, plan, do, and communicate effectively to achieve the goals. All members work in unison and foster fruitful relationships through formal, informal and virtual communication platforms for optimal success in all our endeavours. 

Applying knowledge: The days of reinventing the wheel are long past. Today the world relies upon information, innovation and communication in real time. In our efforts to grow and win against all odds and to emerge as an egalitarian and outstanding community, we will harness the latest knowledge and apply state-of-the-art technology to implement our action plans. 

Making things happen: We will achieve our mission through whole-hearted involvement of all members of the community and through meticulous execution of plans. In this process, every member considers herself/himself as a leader and worker who voluntarily contributes the best of abilities and resources to meet the community’s objectives. 

We believe that in realising our vision and achieving our mission objectives, we need to be firmly rooted in a set of universally accepted core human values that have stood the test of time as the hallmark of civilisation. 

We pledge to abide by, cherish, and promote the following 5 sets of core human values at all times: 

  • Truth and Courage
  • Peace and Justice
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • Dignity and Equality
  • Trust and Caring

Truth remains as the eternal bedrock of human and spiritual values. Honesty as an attribute is a reflection of the spirit of truth. Down the ages, Kshatriyas have been known for exhibiting exemplary courage in defending truth and the lives of those whom they were committed to protect. 

Peace is the most essential requisite for order, tranquillity and happiness in the family, society, nation, and the world at large. Peace can only flourish where justice reigns. Kshatriyas have always stood for social justice and fought against injustice of all kinds. 

We believe in the freedom of all individuals and nations to pursue happiness for themselves and for those around them. Freedom enables enterprise, success, creation of wealth and enjoyment in life. It promotes creativity, self-actualisation and social recognition. Freedom must be tempered with responsibility towards our counterparts in the society so that all can grow and develop in peace and harmony. 

Dignity demands mutual respect for each other. It involves politeness and concern in dealing with one another. Dignity can only exist in a state of equality and in the absence of intolerance. Equality of opportunities and non-discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour, gender, or other considerations are essential to ensure the dignity of the individual.  

Mutual trust in relationships holds the key to success, be it in the family, society, organisation, or nation. Trust enhances confidence and promotes an attitude of caring for those who are less privileged or fortunate. We are committed to caring for the weaker sections of society in order to help them stand on their own feet with dignity. 







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