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The Kshatriya Samithis/Samajams, the constituents of Local/State/Regional Federations and Associations who fulfill the following requirements are eligible to be enrolled as members of the Federation, subject to acceptance of their application by the Governing council of the Federation, whose decision shall be final. No Individual Member is eligible for membership and wherever Local Federations exist their constituents only are eligible.

  • The Constituents of Local/State/Regional Federations, Samithis/Samajams are duly registered under the relevant public societies Registration Acts.
  • The objects of the Local/State/Regional Federations,Samithis/Samajams are more or less similar. The By-Laws of the Samithis/Samajams, etc., provide for definite objects, classification of membership, Membership fee, constitution of General Body and Executive Committee, their meeting, periodical election of office bearers, etc.
  • Regular accounts relating to Receipts and Payments etc., are maintained and duly audited every year by qualified auditors.
  • Periodical meeting of the Executive Committee/Governing Council and General Body are held as per their By-Laws and the proceedings are duly minuted.
  • Membership fees are collected as per their By-Laws and membership strength is brought up-to date before the Annual General Meeting every year.
  • The Samithis/Samajams are regularly working to achieve their objects.
  • The effective membership of the Samithis/Samajams is not less than fifty at any given time.


The Governing Council of the Federation shall be competent to consider the application of eligible Samithis/Samajams and admit them as members. Governing Council has the power to admit Samithis/Samajams who do not fulfill the conditions of eligibility in entirety, subject to evolving a transparent system.

The Membership fees:
  • The membership fees payable by the Samithis/Samajams at the time of admission shall be not less than the amount of Rs. 5000/-. This amount will be decided by the Governing Council from time to time.
  • It is open for the Samithis/Samajams to pay not less than half of the membership fees along with the application for membership and the balance within six months thereafter.
  • The membership fees paid shall form part of the Corpus Fund of the Federation and as such is non-refundable.

Annual Subscription by members:

For meeting the day-to-day expenditure, to fulfill the objects of the Federation, the member Samithis/Samajams shall pay subscription every year.

The annual subscription payable is not less than Rs. 2500/-. This amount will be decided by the Governing Council from time to time.

Any difficulty in meeting the expenditure incurred shall be made good by the member Samithis/Samajams in agreed proportion, whenever necessary, in addition to the Annual Subscription.

Cessation of Membership:

Any Member Samithi may resign its membership by writing a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Federation enclosing a resolution of the Samithi to that effect, after the dues if any, relating to the membership fees and Annual subscription are cleared off. The resignation shall come into effect from the date of its acceptance by the Governing Council.

The Governing Council shall have the power to terminate the Membership of a Samithi

  • If it is quite inactive and is not fulfilling the conditions of eligibility, including the payment of Membership fees, annual subscription etc.
  • If the Member Samithi is working against the objectives and interests of the Federation.

Before taking such an action the Member Samithi concerned shall be given a reasonable opportunity to state position and views. If there is no reply within the stipulated time or the reply given is not satisfactory, the Membership of that Samithi may be terminated forfeiting the fees paid.


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