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Culture :

The Kshatriyas are the forerunners of Indian cultural heritage and chivalry. They have a rich tradition of cultural values dating back to several centuries. The Kshatriyas form a culturally advanced and forward-looking community. They have been following the time-tested customs and traditions of their ancestors with a modern touch.

The traditional values and heritage of Kshatriyas embody the cultural ethos of the country in general and the community in particular. Their rituals and festivals have played a vital role in the evolution of Indian culture. The Kshatriya women of the past performed many religious festivals and cultural rituals with fervour and devotion. Even to this day, these traditional practices are meticulously being adopted by the Kshatriyas wherever they may be located. They are the guiding spirit for the new generation.

The fairs and festivals of Kshatriyas are very unique in nature and content. Their marriage ceremonies, rituals and practices are quite different from that of others. They continue to practise them without detracting from the guidelines handed down by their gotrams from time immemorial. Many of the cultural activities of Kshatriyas are religion-oriented. They are basically Vaishnavites, although they perform Shaivite rituals too. They pay much attention towards the celebration of all Hindu religious festivals.


Apart from being culturally sound, Kshatriyas have also excelled in social and literary fields. They have contributed much to Indian literature in general and to the bhakti genre in particular. The Kshatriya men are basically sons of warriors. Their inborn warrior-like qualities and attributes enabled them to boldly stand up against adharma and oppression during alien rule in India at different stages in its history. A large number of Kshatriyas took part with exemplary commitment and courage in the nation’s struggle for independence. Hundreds of them were imprisoned during the National Movement.


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